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Our Mission

Affordable, Honest, Customer Friendly

The cars we focus on require specialized tools that most independant shops can't afford. We are always purchasing new tools, programs, and scanners to ensure we can fix your car timely and properl


We strive for 100% customer satisfaction or your money back. We pride ourselves in making sure your vehicle is performing as it should.
We are professionals - let us do what we do best for people like you, so you can do what you do best for people like us.

Management Team

Chris Zygadto

Chris grew up in Europe where he learned how to repair European automobiles at the age of 16. He was taught be professional technicians and studied at an automotive college.


Chris has a life long passion for cars and has spent many years training to become the best at what he does.


In the early 1980's he worked in West Germany as an auto technician for Audi, BMW, Porsche, Mercedes Benz and Volkswagen.


Upon arriving to the United States in the late 1980's, Chris opened European Motors repair shop in California knowing he could perform affordable and accurate repairs for customers.


In 2000, Chris decided to open a repair shop in downtown San Mateo.


Chris specializes in the repair of fine European automobiles.

Details to follow...

Details to follow...


OVERALL RATING: stars (4.8) - Based on 17 Reviews

SS stars 5.0 star rating
Jean M
San Mateo, CA, 7/6/2012

Another lovely interaction with this business a couple of weeks ago--he refused to charge me anything for changing a light bulb (even though it wasn't easy to get to).  Chris takes excellent care of his customers.  I'm so happy to have found him.

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  • stars 3/6/2012

    I'm very pleased to have found Chris.  He takes great care of my car, makes everything as convenient as possible, and charges reasonable prices.  It's a privilege to do business with him.

SS stars 5.0 star rating
S R.
San Mateo, CA, 4/25/2012

Chris Zygadto is one of those one-in-a-million really HONEST (not to mention a master at his craft) mechanics - he's been taking care of my Porsche for the past nine years now and I couldn't be happier. He does great work at very reasonable rates - far better than what dealers (or for that matter most other European shops) charge.
I wish he worked on late model Honda's too (our other 'practical' car) - then I still wouldn't be looking for another mechanic just like Chris (and I HAVE looked)...

  • stars 5.0 star rating
Pat Y.
Mountain View, CA, 12/27/2011

Took my dad's car to Chris this morning (Dec 27, 2011), apparently, Wheelworks can't figure out the issue with the Check Engine light.  
Chris (the owner) told me it will be fixed THIS YEAR (meaning.. this week)
Nice!  Thanks Chris, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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  • stars 5/21/2010

    Good Service


  • stars 5/5/2010

    Called Chris (Owner at European Motors) at 4pm to ask whether he is available for an oil service for my 2001 BMW 530i (77532 miles).  He said yes.  Stopped by at 430pm.  Went to San Mateo downtown (2.5 blocks away) for a starbucks coffee.  508pm, received a call from Chris saying the car is ready (Oil Service) is done.
    I saw him using original BMW oil .. (usually, I have no clue what people put into my car).   What else do you want more?  This is THE place for BMW.........unless you want to pay more at the dealership (they might throw in a carwash for free)


  • stars 3/25/2010

    From my experience, European Motors has very competitive price as compared to dealership (BMW & Porsche) as well as other "local" places that specializes in BMW repairs.
    I can drop off my car, and see the parts being replaced and the new ORIGINAL parts being added to my car.
    Good Service, Good Price, Friendly owner (Chris), what else more do you want.  Speedy Service too.
    If you have a BMW, unless you are under the 4 year 50K warranty, this is the place to bring your car for service.  (Service I, Service II, brake work, tire work)

  • stars 5.0 star rating
Roberto N.
Hayward, CA 12/21/2011

The owner, Chris is extremely friendly, honest, efficient, and he will not get you disappointed. His work is awesome, extremely detail and can be done in record time depending on his schedule and the car issues of course.
Chris can answer all your question and fixed everything related to BMW, VW or MBenz. Also, the prices here are very reasonable and you will save a lot of money in compare to any European dealer.
He is my Mechanic and have kept the car running for 6 years now. Chris's awesome!.

  • stars 5.0 star rating
dina r.
Montara, CA 9/12/2011

Have a 99 Audi A4 that I want to keep on the road for many more years. After taking it to another local shop and dumping loads of cash into it, I was referred to Chris by a pal. I am so glad... turned out to be some issues that were fixed, for over 1200.00 cheaper than quoted by other mechanic I had been using.  I will remain a customer of Chris' in the future. Thanks Chris!

  • stars 5.0 star rating
tomek h.
San Bruno, CA , 6/3/2011

I use Chris service for over 10 years, he is taking care of my 2000 Volvo S-80, my 1994  850, my wife Toyota Echo & cars of our friends, we are very satisfied and happy motorist, all cars are service or fixed on time washed gratis, in case of longer repair Chris supply with rent a car He is very honest, prices are lower than the competition, my S-80 has 267000 mil, the 850 over 240000, and Echo 186550 trouble free,  He is another hard working Polish, good luck

  • stars 5.0 star rating
Liz R.
San Mateo, CA , 3/4/2011

I just had my 40,000 mile check up done on my VW GTI I.8T 04, the dealerships in the area quoted me $550 plus, and Chris at European Motors did it for $450, included car wash too! :) Very friendly and honest service. My fiance was with me and his rear light had gone out in his VW CC and Chris fixed it for free! I highly recommend this business and plan to use it for all further service on my VW.

  • stars 5.0 star rating
Gilbert Nolly A.
Daly City, CA , 2/24/2011

Hello everyone, my is gilbert and I recently took my 03 A4 to European Motors for timing belt relplacement and major tune up. I met Chris whom by the way a great and honest. Chris is very talented, smart, and fair when it comes to his customer. He values them and doesn't rip them off unlike other shops outhere who likes to screw you up and charge you tons of money for a simple work like (check engine light on the dash) . Come, check it out and see it for yourself.
Keep up the good work buddy and see you later,
Suisun City

  • stars 5.0 star rating
Nick N.
Pacifica, CA, 9/1/2010

Don't waste any money and time at VW dealer for maintenance. Just call Chris with European Motors and he's gonna take care of everything. His service is much more reliable as he fixed the problem that the dealer couldn't even figure out. He is honest and does excellent work at reasonable price. Highly recommended if you have European car.

  • stars 5.0 star rating
i. o.
San Francisco, CA, 7/6/2010

I have an '87 BMW that is not quite "vintage" (yet) but is still considered "high mileage" (haha!) .... and thus needs "extra" TLC to keep her running smoothly!
I used to take it to Phaedrus BMW, and while they were very good with the basic care, they were very expensive and in a few cases, not particularly thorough.
Enter Chris, who gave me an honest evaluation of my car, found potential (long term) problem areas that Phaedrus BMW had overlooked. I was only getting my brakes fixed and was grateful for the "catch". Now I take my car to him regularly and have been very happy with Chris' no-pressure, easy going service!

5 Stars!

  • stars 5.0 star rating
Rebecca O.
San Francisco, CA, 7/5/2010

Chris at European Motors has been taking care of my beloved TT  in addition to my family's cars for the last several years. He is honest and does excellent work. His prices are fair and he generally costs less than the competition, and always significantly less than the dealer. He consistently provides accurate estimates and meets his completion time frames. He often includes nice extras that a bigger shop would typically offer, such as washing my car before returning it or covering the cost of a rental car when I've had to leave my car with him for extended repairs. I recommend him very highly for anyone wanting to give their German engineered auto a little TLC, whilst not going broke in the process.

  • stars 5.0 star rating
walter n.
San Mateo, CA, 5/5/2010

I am amazed at  the thoroughness Chris performs his work with. He is knowledgeable and well trained in European repair as well as Repairs on my old Toyota pick-up truck. I have had European Motors maintain several cars for me including my Classic 1974 2002tii BMW.  I recently purchased a used BMW and am going to have Chris check it out.

  • stars 2.0 star rating
Zhanna L.
Redwood City, CA, 5/21/2007

Cheaper then the dealer.