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Maintenance FACTS

Everyone wants a vehicle that is dependable and safe.

We do this by providing you with top quality, factory authorized, maintenance services. All our servicing comes with a limited 1 year warranty on parts and labor.

Proper maintenance gives you many benefits:

  • Prevents breakdowns – Maintenance keeps your vehicle’s systems in great running order.
  • Protects your vehicles “Manufacturers Warranty” – No need to go to the dealer!
  • Increases your car’s resale value -  Maintenance records show buyers that you take care of the vehicle.
  • Saves you money -  Maintenance is much cheaper than major repairs and a tow truck.
  • More convenient -  Maintenance can be scheduled.
  • Makes your car life span much longer -  Maintenance is the key to keeping your car running for many years.



Maintenance Services

Manufacturer’s Maintenance Services


Your vehicle’s manufacturer has specified service intervals that are important to you. They help prevent breakdowns & costly repairs. They protect your factory warranty (vehicle manufacturers can deny warranty claims if a vehicle is not maintained regularly) We help keep your car maintained with reminders.

Fluid Inspections and Top-Off


We’ll inspect your fluids to insure they still have the protective properties for your car’s various operating systems. Antifreeze, air conditioning, power steering, braking, automatic transmission, transfercase, differential, engine, and more.

Shocks and Struts Replacements


Shocks and struts are a very important part of your car.  It provides better drive-ability and handling.  But these component slowly wear out and should be replaced.  We carry high quality shocks and struts that last longer and provide a better feel.

Complete Computer Diagnostics


We have made significant investments into equipment and computer resources to service your vehicle. We have factory level scan tools that allows us to perform all functions necessary including computer coding and programming. Additionally, we have access to all the information to service your vehicle properly.